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Vetiver Root Essential Oil

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Vetiver Root Essential Oil



Vetiver Root Essential Oil

There is a very slight difference in Vetiver and Vetiver root oil. It is widely grown and cultivated in Haiti, Java, and India. The Vetiver oil is Khus Khus which is extracted from the grass and Vetiver root oil is Ruh Khus which is extracted from the roots of that particular grass. The Vetiver root oil is a refreshing oil and a tonic for skin and depression.

Common name:

 Vetiver root oil, Ruh Khus

Blends with:

Ylang Ylang, grapefruit, benzoine, jasmine


Alpha vetivone, benzoic acid, furfurol


The use of the oil is medicine and perfumery industries. The vetiver root oil is used to uplift mood and stress. It is a good care for skin and beauty care. The oil is also used in perfumery industries for making of soaps, candles, bath sprays and likewise. The oil is noted as to be the calming oil, which reduces the stress and brings out from depression. 

Additional information





Botonical Name

Vetivera Zinanoides

Flash Point

93° C (200°F)

Optical Rotation

[a]D20 +15 to +45°


in alcohol ( 95%)

Specific Gravity

0.992-1.042 @ 25C

Refractive Index

1.521 – 1.531 @ 20 C


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