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Turmeric Essential Oil

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Turmeric Essential Oil



Turmeric Essential Oil

Turmeric oil is extracted from the roots of the turmeric plants. The turmeric oil and turmeric is used since thousands of years in ayurveda and aromatherapy. Turmeric oil is said to be the most effective healing oil. It is used in beauty treatment and as well in making of herbal and ayurvedic medicines. Acute pain, muscle pain or joint pain all of these can be treated with turmeric oil.

Common name:

Turmeric oil

Blends with:

Ginger, musk, labdanum


d-a-phellaandrene, cineol, d-sabinene, d-borneol, valeric acid


Turmeric natural essential oil is used in medicine industries and as well perfumery industries. The oil is counted and noted as best healing oil. It is used in the Ayurvedic medicine making and pharmaceutical industries foe manufacturing of antiseptic creams and ointments for cuts or wounds on the skin.  It is also used in aromatherapy to bring charm and beauty to skin. 

Additional information



Extraction Method

Steam Distillation



Botonical Name

Curcuma Longa

Flash Point

60 °C

Major Constituents

phellandrene, limonene, zingiberene, ar-curcumene,

Refractive Index

1.5023-1.5138 @ 20 c


Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water

Specific Gravity


Optical Rotation

-24 – -27 @ 20°C


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