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Rose De Mal Essential Oil

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Rose De Mal Essential Oil



Rose De Mal Essential Oil

Among every other rose oil, the rose de mal oil is the most expensive oil. This natural essential oil is known for its sweet fragrance and romantic effect. Usually, the rose oil is known for uplifting moods and stress relive. Rose De Mal is also among it. It has a great use in Ayurveda and perfumery industry.

Common name:

 Rose De Mal oil

Blends with:

Floral oil, rose oil and citrus oil


Geraniol, fatty acid


The rose de mal used in aromatherapy for rejuvenating mind and soul. The other uses are in cosmetics and perfumery industries. The rose de mal oil is a complete tonic for women. It keeps the uterus healthy and womb free from impurities. It regulates and balances the menstrual cycle as well it helps reproductive system to grow strong and be healthy. 

Additional information



Botonical Name

Rosa Centifolia

Extraction Method

Solvent extracted

Flash Point

above 70º C

Specific Gravity

0.9437 (27ºC)

Refractive Index

1.4955 (27ºC)


Insoluble in water, soluble in oils & alcohol


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