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Moringa Carrier Oil

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Moringa Carrier Oil



The Moringa Oleifera tree is widely grown and cultivated in India. The tree is believed as to be blessed tree by herbal properties. The Moringa carrier oil is extracted from the seeds of this particular tree. The oil is known for carrying lots of nutrients and vitamins, which are essential for skin and believed to be as healing oil. The nourishing qualities of this particular oil are higher than any other carrier oils.

Common name:

Moringa tree, drumstick tree

Blends with:

Almond oil, rose oil


Oleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid


The Moringa oil as having adequate amount of minerals and vitamins is used in foods and cosmetics products like; hair care products, soap, body wash, face cream, and deodorant. The oil is used in these products, because it cures; wrinkles, reduces ageing cells and deep cleanses pores and clogs. The Moringa oil is good to be used as hair conditioner and shampoos to get shiny hair after wash.

Additional information



Extraction Method

Cold Pressed



Botonical Name

Moringa Oliefera

Flash Point


Major Constituents


Refractive Index

1.4610 AT 40°C


Soluble in Alcohol and other organics solvents & i

Specific Gravity

0.95 – 0.96

Optical Rotation

0.892 to 0.910


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