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Rosewood Essential Oil

Aniba rosaeodora
$11.75 - 50ml

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemarinus officianlis
$7.75 - 50ml

Pimento Berry Essential Oil

Pimento officinalis myrtaceae
$9.50 - 50ml

Pine Needle Essential Oil

Pinus sylvestriss
$3.50 - 50ml

Peru Balsam Essential Oil

Myroxylon pereira0
$9.00 - 50ml

Orange Essential Oil

Citrus sinensis5
$1.75 - 50ml

Manufacturer, Exporter, and Retailer of Premium Essential Oils

Mother Nature is a fulgent resource of organic compounds and products, known to be beneficial for the development of mankind.  Essential Oils are one such compound, extracted from plants, which arrests the scent and flavor, or the “ESSENCE.”

MRK Natural Oils is a qualified and experienced manufacturer and supplier of top-quality essential oils in India.  Besides the prominent essential oils manufacturer, we have also evolved ourselves as an essential oils exporter and essential oils supplier, specifically catering to the growing demands of international markets for aromatic oils.

We produce natural essential oils and organic essential oils through the process of natural distillation process viz-a-viz – steam/water and sometimes even through time tested process of mechanization like the cold press.  We bring to our clients an exclusive range of floral waters, a wide range of naturally borne spice oils, besides the traditional Indian perfumes, sold as attars. At MRK Natural Oils, “ESSENCE OF OILS” is always carried forward, which qualifies us as the best and everlasting mark in the essential oils industry.

Motivated by Missionary Zeal

MRK Natural Oils is motivated by its overwhelming mission – To manufacture superior quality essential oils and high-grade aromatic products in an “All-Inclusive” price range. Everything that we do or vie for, is meant to address our missionary zeal and the attitude to be nothing next to the best.

Ranked among the clan of first-class suppliers of essential oils from India, we carry forward the unique tradition of faith, quality, and salesmanship, giving our distributors and buyers value for their time and investment. At MRK Natural Oils, we have considered the overgrown demand of the online market for organic essential oils and aromatic oil products such as natural cosmetic butter, floral absolutes, and base oils.

Wholesale Suppliers of Natural Essential Oils

MRK Natural Oils is an online store, where you have the privilege of shopping the premium and exclusive line of aromatic oils with all the purity and essence intact.  We do not follow any kind of chemical processes during the distillation, and this is where we overwhelmingly vouch for the quality of our product line. Whether you want to shop for one phial or a dozen of them or an unlimited quantity, we are going to make it possible.  We offer an extraordinary variety of essential oils in fascinating packages, and all of them come at affordable prices.

At MRK Natural Oils, the uniqueness of aromatic compounds is not just discussed with respect to marketing, but we ensure characteristic essence in our products. From the range of aromatherapy oils to oleoresins; and even aromatherapy oils, we have listed them in our continuously growing inventory.

Essential Oils from the MRK Natural Oils: Industrial Applications

We have essential oils to address the needs of various industries and for wider purposes. For aromatherapy or general-purpose households, or Spa, we have essential oils manufactured and ready for delivery for a variety of industries.  The major applications of essential oils manufactured by us, find the way out to Paint Industry, the Cosmetic and Soaps Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Food and Beverage Industry, and Cleaning Products Industry, besides the Fragrance and Flavor Industry. The expanse of the industry we served, gives us an advantage to be on exponential competitive advantage.


In a short span of time, the demand for our essential oils has surmounted and gained momentum. We are not talking about the run-away success here, but exports.  We deliver our products in new and existing markets. With exports come the safety requirements, and international quality measures too. At MRK Natural Oils, we have gained momentum in diversified markets across the globe. We are continuing to deliver quality and ensure 100% satisfaction to our overseas customers.

Export Demography

Big or small deals – we have essential oils for every market segment. We are delivering to advanced economies like the USA, the UK, Canada, Russia, Indonesia and Brazil.  MRK Natural Oils follows a strict service level agreement and pro-customer requirements. It has created monetary value and timely delivery of essential oil products. We also have a specialized team, which categorically looks into the pricing models.

Indelible Objective of MRK Natural Oils

MRK Natural Oils works on the finest ethics and factory modeling.  We are proud of delivering superior quality essential and aromatic oils in innovative packaging. Each time you book your order through us, you have an idea of what you are really receiving.  One of the key objectives is to provide you with diversified packaging from the basic 10 Ml to 10 Lts.   We also offer customized deliveries to customers, depending on personalized requirements.

Prime Objectives @ MRK Natural Oils

  1. Optimization of product mechanism by offering products on competitive prices.
  2. Researching and resourcing aromatic oils, which are intended for new global markets.
  3. Customer service along with value and commitment.
  4. Adding new product line, keeping market demands on top.

Free Sampling from MRK Natural Oils

We boast of quality, and the distillation process used in essential oils. We value the essence of life and role that essential oils play in our daily lives. When we offer free sampling, we outrightly mean that you have our guarantee. We do not fail on our guarantee. You have freedom to ask for a free sample of any essential oil.

Maintenance of International Quality Standards

The essential oils and all other products manufactured by MRK Natural Oils are qualified under ISO, USFDA, HACCP, GMP and WHO.  We hold their respective certifications, which are listed on the homepage. We follow all quality norms and necessary procedures in procurement of raw material, indispensable for distillation and production of essential oils.

The products are packed in 100% hygienically produced bottles, under the international standard regulations. The essential oils manufactured by us are packaged in bottles of all designs and sizes. You have the advantage to order essential oils in relatively small consumer packs and even go for the bulk packaging. We comprehend the overgrown needs of international customers, and supply them with premium quality essential oils, besides top range of aromatic products.

Supported with Impeccable Customer Servicing

We deliver by our commitment and the reasoning to serve our customers with superiority. MRK Natural Oils has always showed its adherence to quality control measures. Customer dealings are honoured and services are obliged round the clock.  We have been pleasantly serving our widely grown customer base, and this keeps our experience on exciting levels. With experience and diversified product range, MRK Natural Oils is the essential oils supplier that every customer looks towards with great deal of respect.

Delivering Value

Innovation in manufacturing and well-qualified delivering template keeps us on the top. Our products have always performed, and exceeded the aspirations of our customers. We have products in place, which are value oriented, qualified as well as tested to meet customer’s purpose on various quality parameters.