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Frangipani Attar

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Frangipani Attar



Scientifically known as “Plumeria”, Frangipani Attar is obtained through steam distillation process. Its origination is from Central America, Venezuela and Mexico. The main constituents of the pomelo blossoms scented attar are paraffin base and sandalwood. It can easily blend with Sandalwood essential oil. The light yellow color attar possess citrusy aroma. It has high medicinal value and can cure several diseases.

Common name: Plumeria

Blends with: Sandalwood, Cardamom, Rosewood and several other essential oil

Constituents: Sandalwood, paraffin base

Uses:  Frangipani Attar has several medicinal properties. It can be used in aroma therapy for providing relaxation to your body. The healthy massage of the oil proves to be beneficial to relieve the pain of rheumatism.  Because of its sweet and tempting aroma, the attar is used in the making of air fresheners, perfumes and several other perfumery products. 

Additional information



Extraction Method

Steam Distillation



Botonical Name

Plumeria Attar

Flash Point

152.00 °F

Major Constituents


Refractive Index

1.50220 to 1.51170


Soluble in water

Specific Gravity

0.98880 to 0.99840

Optical Rotation

1.962 to 1.976 at 20 deg C °


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