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Zedoaria Essential Oil

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Zedoaria Essential Oil



Zedoaria natural essential oil

Zedoaria oil is extracted by the steam distillation process from the flowers of the plant. The Zedoaria oil is well recognized and used in perfumery industries. It is known for its rich, woody and calming fragrance. The oil is also used in making of folk medicines. In history, it is believed, the oil was used as traditional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine for curing several diseases.

Common name:

 Zedoaria oil

Blends with:

Bay, cedarwood, pine needle


Zederone, germacrone, iso borneol


The maximum and wide use of the oil is in the perfumery industry and flavor making. The oil is mixed with beverages and bakery stuffs for adding woody flavor and aroma. The oil is also a uterine tonic for women, it cures the menstrual pain and stomach pain. The oil also helps in regulating hormone secretion and prevents tumor formation. 

Additional information

Flash Point

germacrone-4,5-epoxide, germacrone, furanodienon

Botonical Name

Curcuma zedoaria



Optical Rotation

[-] 0.75º – 8º @ 27º C

Specific Gravity

0.899 – 0.9313 @ 27º C

Refractive Index

1.39 – 1.482 @ 27º C


Soluble in 80% – 90% alcohol


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