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Bay Leaf Essential Oil

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Bay Leaf Essential Oil



Bay Leaf Essential Oil

Bay leaf oil is an oil extract of fresh Bay leaf. The dry bay leaf is a flavoring agent in food and Indian cuisine, whereas the essential bay leaf oil has its own kind of property. As the tree is considered to be herbal, the bay leaf oil is having a medicinal property which is used in many ways for the treatment of skin diseases, hair oil for men and lots more. This oil is generally known for antibiotic and antiseptic treatment.

Common name:

Bay Leaf

Blends with:

Cedar wood, Coriander, Eucalyptus, ginger, orange


1-8 Cineole, Sesquiterpenes, p-methane hydroperoxide


The Bay leaf oil is used for the scalp treatment and massage therapy. Use of this oil, helps in hair gain, dandruff, and massage helps with joint pain, good nervous tract. Other uses of this oil for cold and cough, sneezing and stomach related issues. 

Additional information



Extraction Method

Steam distillation or water distillation from the leaves



Botonical Name

Pimento Racemosa

Flash Point

167 °F

Major Constituents

Alpha pinene, Linalool, Alpha terpineol and Methyl eugenol

Refractive Index

1.508 @ 72°F


Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils

Specific Gravity

0.9553@ 72°F:

Optical Rotation



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