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Myrrh Floral Absolute oil

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Myrrh Floral Absolute oil



Myrah oil is obatained from the oleoresin-gum by steam distillation process. It is also referred to as hirrabol myrrh, gum or bola, Commiphora myrrh is basically se in the extraction of myrrh oil. This try is basically a native to Egyptians and Chinese. The tree basically grows upto a height of 16 feet tall.Myrrh oil is considered sacred, ancient and biblical oil.

Common Name:Tilia Vulgaris

Main Components: Limonene, A-Pinene, M-Cresol, Cadinene, Heerabolene, Acetic Acid, Cuminaldehyde, Eugenol, Formic Acid and various Sesquiterpenes.

Blends Well with: Clove, Benzoin, Lavender, Sandalwood and Frankincense oil.

Common Uses: Being an excellent funcicide this Myrrh oil is excellent in treating fungal growth. It also helps to prevent microbial growth  like measles , humps etc. Myrrh oil is widely popular in formulation of oral hygiene product and skin products which will make skin wrinkle free and from being chapped by making it look more smoother and glowing. It is also very useful in any kind of deadly patristic infections. It act as a excellent option for treating ulcers and wounds and various skin infections. It helps in stimulating proper blood circulation and helps in proper supply of oxygen to the tissues. Gas is one of the major problem that people are growing through and which result in heart attack, slow digestion rate but these problem can be controlled by the use of this myrrh oil.

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Extraction Method




Botonical Name

Tilia Vulgaris

Flash Point

> 200.00 °F

Major Constituents


Refractive Index



Soluble in alcohol, insoluble in water

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