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Cucumber Carrier Oil

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Cucumber Carrier Oil



Cucumber is enriched with minerals and proteins and it is called as the cooling oil. It is origin of India and widely grown in India. The cucumber has the property of cooling the skin and brain and moisturize the skin. The cucumber oil is extracted from its seeds by cold pressed process. The oil has an extensive use in aromatherapy and Ayurvedic industries.

Common name:

Cucumber seed oil, cucumber oil

Blends with:

Sandalwood oil, chamomile oil, coconut oil


Linoleic acid, omega 6, oleic acid, palmitic acid


The use of cucumber carrier oil is in headache and migraine pain with skin treatment. The oil is used for massage of face and body to cool down the strained muscles and nerves. The oil is used in several beauty products. The oil is used in gel and cleansers to bring glow to skin with gel massage and face cleanser.

Additional information



Extraction Method

Cold Pressed



Botonical Name

Cucumis Sativa

Flash Point

97 F

Major Constituents

Linoleic, or Omega 6, Fatty Acid. The oil also co

Refractive Index

1.4870 to 1.504 ( 1.4895)



Specific Gravity

0.910 to 0.925 ( 0.915)

Optical Rotation

Slightly Dextrorotatory t0 +5 ( +2.8)


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