Flower Oils

Natural extracts from flowers and their parts form a unique variety of oils. These aromatic liquids are obtained through steam distillation process. These contain the real essence of the parent flower plant, with refreshing & charming fragrances that are used for several purposes. We produce wide range of product types, ranging from facial oils to those good for skin. Catering to different users, we offer oils for dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and the likes. These natural floral oils are used in ancient Ayurvedic & Unani medicines due to their therapeutic properties. The sweet and refreshing aromas of natural flower oils rejuvenate body, mind and soul from within. They also possess antidepressant benefits & are used for treating anxiety, emotional stress and high blood pressure.

MRK Natural Oils, is an online natural oils store, which offers pure natural Indian scented oils including kadamba, rose, sandalwood, jasmine, musk, saffron, nagchampa, firdos, patchouli, khus, vanilla, cardamom, lemon, clove, mint, hina. We distribute these rejuvenating fragrances to wholesalers and retailers of cosmetic, aroma therapy, spa, ayurveda, pharmaceutical industry, health care, beauty product and flavor & fragrance; all over the world. We supply 100% pure, organic and certified natural flower oils. Customers can totally trust on the quality of natural oils offered by us and can avail bulk orders on discounted price.

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