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Valerian Root Essential Oil

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Valerian Root Essential Oil



Valerian Root Essential Oil

Valerian plant and oil is known as healing oil and plant. Since hundreds of years, the oil is used in medicines for curing number of treatments and in the perfumery industries for fragrance making and adding into sprays and soaps. The Valerian plant is native to Europe and Asia. The plant is described in number of varieties, however, all are considered to be same enriched in herbal benefits.

Common name:

Valerian oil, valerian plant

Blends with:

Patchouli, lime, lavender, rosemary


Limonene, borneol, pinene, nerolidol, p-cymene, valerone


The Valerian oil is a tonic for stomach problems. The oil is a remedy for constipation, jaundice, and other indigestive system problems. It is used to cure; increased heartbeat, nervous disorder, blood pressure, and anxiety. Also the oil, is used in cosmetics and medicine industries for making beauty products and medicines. The best use of the oil is to cure sleep disorder and managing hormonal balance. 

Additional information



Extraction Method

Steam Distillation



Botonical Name

Valeriana Officinalis

Flash Point

111 °F

Major Constituents

borneol, isoborneol, bornyl acetate.

Refractive Index

1.435 @ 72°F


Insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and oils

Specific Gravity

0.940 @ 72°F

Optical Rotation



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