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Clove Essential oil

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Clove Essential oil



Clove Essential oil is extracted from clove tree. The clove tree is an herbal recognized tree and has lots of medicinal properties. The clove oil is peculiar for oral healthcare and dental problems. Clove Essential oil is spice essential oil, used in flavoring as well in medicinal properties. Originally, it belongs from South East Asia, but India and China also cultivate it for using into medicines and treatment.

Common name:

Clove oil, clove tree

Blends with:

Ginger, lavender, rose, sandalwood


Eugenol, eugenyl acetate


The clove oil, is a remedy for tooth pain and every related oral issues. The spice natural essential oil is used as a flavoring agent and is recognized as a booster for immune system. The oil is even used for massage for pain and aromatherapy. 

Additional information



Extraction Method

Steam Distillation



Botonical Name

Eugenia caryophyllata

Flash Point

> 100 °C

Major Constituents


Refractive Index

1.528 – 1.538 @ 20°C


Soluble in alcohol and other organic solvents

Specific Gravity

0.038 TO 0.5250

Optical Rotation

1.5270 TO 1.5350

Weight Option

50ml / 1.691oz, 100ml. / 3.40oz., 250ml. / 8.45oz., 500ml. / 16.90oz., 1000ml. / 33.80oz., 2500ml/84.535oz, 5000ml./169.00oz.


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