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Betel Leaf Essential Oil

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Betel Leaf Essential Oil



Betel Leaf oil

Betel leaf oil is a liquid extract from betel leaves. The cultivation and consumption of betel leaf are widely in Asia and South East Asia. Since decades, the prosperity of betel leaf and betel leaf oil is adored because of its refreshing aroma and taste. Betel leaf oil is used for flavoring or added with refreshment to bring the flavor of betel leaf into it.

Common name:

Paan, Copticum

Blends with:

Clove, Cardamom, cinnamon


Cadinene, safrole, cineole, eugenol


The use of betel leaf oil is widely with tobacco and pan masala industries in India. However, it has some medicinal property which is related to oral problems. The use of oil helps in hardening the gums and preserving teeth. The oil is even used in making of some special kind of perfumes.


Additional information



Botonical Name

Piper betle



Major Constituents

Betel phenol (chavibetol), chaviol and cadinene.

Specific Gravity

0.958 – 1.044 @ 20°C


Soluble in alcohol and oils. Insoluble in water


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