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Aloe Vera Gel

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Aloe Vera is known for centuries, for its herbal and skin care. It is the most common herbal plant, whose gel is used over skin and hair. The aloe Vera oil combines with carrier oils to increase its more and more use over skin and pain treatment. It has great use in aromatherapy and ayurvedic medicines.

Common name:

Aloe Vera gel

Blends with:

Spirulina, Chlorella, Acai berry, goji berry


Arachidonic acid, triterpenoid, gibberilin, potassium sorbate, salicylic acid


Aloe Vera is an immunity booster and a cancer treatment agent. The great use of the Aloe Vera as carrier oil is to increase the immune and digestive system in the body and as well treatment of pain like arthritis, joint pain and likewise. The oil is used in cosmetics for moisturizer and sunscreen cream.

Additional information

Botonical Name

Aloe Barbadensis






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